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Policy and regulations for virtual choristers

This policy is part of the chorister’s notebook

Effective date: August 27, 2021



1.0 Virtual Chorister


1.1 Anyone who registers as such for a semester and pays their membership fee to their home choir will be considered a virtual member of a member choir of the SPNM.

1.2 To register, the person first fills out the membership form that was sent to them by email, and sends it by email or any other appropriate means to the responsible person in their home choir.

1.3 The registered person will then receive his personal password, giving him access to the member area, which gives him access to the practice files, the scores, the choir’s notebook, the links for virtual practices and everything another document necessary for his full participation in virtual rehearsals.

1.4 The virtual member has a virtual audition approximately one month after submitting their membership form. The virtual audition will be made from material that has been seen during the rehearsals preceding the audition.

1.5 If the audition is successful, the virtual member forwards their membership fee to the person responsible for membership fees in their home choir.

1.6 The virtual rehearsals are recorded with the camera pointed towards the artistic director. The link is kept for a week. Recordings are for the private use of choristers and should not be broadcast or shared.


2.0 Home choir and membership fees


2.1 The home choir is the choir chosen by the member, as specified on the membership form.

2.2 The annual membership fee is the same regardless of the home choir.

2.3 The annual membership fee is payable in one installment per session for two sessions, in a single installment for the entire season, or by any other modality agreed between the home choir and the member.


3.0 Material provided by the virtual chorister


3.1 A cell phone, or tablet, or computer

3.2 The Zoom software installed


4.0 Schedule


4.1 Monday, broadcast from Sainte-Thérèse, from 7.15 p.m. to 10 p.m., in French.

4.2 Tuesday, broadcast from Montreal, 7:15 p.m. to 10 p.m., in French.

4.3 Thursday, broadcast from Ottawa, 7:15 p.m. to 10 p.m., in English.


5.0 Mandatory pre-concert auditions


5.1 The virtual member must undergo a prior compulsory audition in the following cases:

before each in-person participation in the intensive rehearsals (the audition will be virtual);
in-person participation in the rehearsal with orchestra (audition will be virtual);
5.2 Auditions are not recorded.

5.3 In the event of failure during the audition, the consequences are the same as in the event of failure during face-to-face auditions. The final decision rests with the Artistic Director.


6.0 Mandatory attendance


6.1 The virtual member must participate in the following activities:

  • in-person participation in the intensive (subject to the virtual audition);
  • participation in the rehearsal on the Wednesday preceding the first concert, participation may be virtual for choristers far from the place of rehearsal;
  • participation in person in the rehearsal with orchestra on the Friday preceding the first concert (subject to the virtual audition);
  • participation in person at the dress rehearsal just before the first concert;


7.0 Concerts


7.1 Concerts are compulsory

7.2 Due to the availability of space on stage and in order to ensure the balance of the sections for a quality performance, the Artistic Director retains the option of selecting the choristers (virtual and / or face-to-face) who will participate, at any given concert.

7.3 Virtual choristers must participate in the concert of the choir to which they are registered.